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I have performed music for more than 40 years, and have made my living in the music business for about 35 of those years.  I am one who keeps equipment for a long time.  If its working, and I'm used to it, why change?  So I wondered what Eugene could do with my 20 year old keyboard which suddenly had some issues. 

I needn't have worried!  He repaired it in short order, and it works as good as new. It is very comforting to know that there is someone around like Eugene who knows what he's doing and is reasonably priced and fast.  Highly recommended!

Len Gadica, Melville

I have used EG Electronics services several times and I have walked away completely satisfied every time. Eugene, or "Eugenius" like I call him, has taken on some very challenging repairs and always managed to get the job done.

I gig regularly on weekends and Eugene's quick turn around on some critical system components, like mixing consoles, has saved me from having to rent gear. EG Electronics has repaired guitar amplifiers, mixing consoles, and pro audio power amplifiers for me. EG Electronics rates are reasonable and service is top notch.

Neil Ottenbreit, Member of Odd Man Out

Fuzztone Music is very happy to recommend EG Electronics to our customers. Not only is it the place we send our customers, it's where we get our own personal gear repaired. The knowledge, care to attention and work of EG Electronics is all top notch.

Fuzztone Music 

I am a rock musician of nearly 20 yrs. In my many bands I've played mostly metal, hard and classic rock. My current band is I4NI (eye for an eye). My gear has never been very robust. I consider myself to be a "meat and potatoes" musician. I just like what works and is reliable and don't load up on the "bells and whistles" or "golly gee-whiz" stuff.

The main amplifier in my musical arsenal is a Rivera "R Series" Thirty-Twelve (30 watts EL34 powered combo - 12" speaker). I've owned and played a few premium amps in my day and my Rivera is the pillar or backbone of my sound. I heard about Eugene (EG Electronics) at Fuzztone Music in Yorkton.

I eagerly followed up on his business card because it had been just about 10 yrs since anybody did anything with my amp like tune-up wise. I just told him to go through it and test the tubes out. I think he primarily just tested the tubes, replaced as necessary and checked the biasing. He's a stickler for checking potentiometers (pots) too.

When I got it back, I noticed the difference right away. The distortion was smooth and uncluttered. The clean was quite powerful. I noticed later that if I turned the clean up past 2 that the cleanliness broke up a bit. When I mentioned it to him, he stated that he adjusted the biasing pretty "hot", and that he'd likely be able to "cool" the biasing a bit.

When I brought the amp there, he'd asked what kind of music I play. Of course I told him that I'm an old metalhead and he adjusted the amp accordingly :) . After a second visit (no charge!), I tried it out and found that he'd given me more clean overhead by simply "cooling" the bias a bit. He also tweaked my way of thinking on setting the EQ on the clean to get even more overhead. My distortion is not as wild, but the tradeoff in clean meant more to me.

His charges were low compared to the cost of taking it to the big city if you know what I mean. He does expert workmanship, and he talks "to you", as opposed to "at you". He makes sure you understand what he's done.

If you take a tube amp to him, he WILL ask you what type of music you play. Be specific with what you want and he'll deliver. I've taken more business to him since, and I'll do it again. Good work Eugene. You've earned a loyal customer.

Gerry Hilton, Member of I4NI